The Homeowners’ Association has the sole and absolute right to determine the style and appearance of the residential dwellings, structures, and other improvements to be constructed on all Lots, Units, and Parcels.

No exterior change or modification shall be made to any residential dwelling without first receiving approval from the Architectural Review Committee (ARC). Such changes include but are not limited to exterior color of home, landscaping, additions, pools, driveways, roofs, solar panels, etc. For further explanation please refer to page 30 of the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for Lake Jovita.

If you wish to make changes to the exterior of your home, including landscape design, an Application For Architectural Review form must be completed. Information required by the ARC include dimensions, designs, materials, locations, color samples and the exact site of any modification and a landscape plan. Depending upon the modification you may be required to submit a full set of plans or only a site plan with the dimensions and location of the project noted on the site plan.

Please contact Michelle Jacoby at (352) 567-7000 or stop by the Welcome Center for further information and to find out what must be submitted to the ARC for your construction and or modification request. If you are in need of an Estopple Letter please contact Paula Prim @

Thank you.